Will Cheung FRPS | Piers

I love the coast so shooting every UK pleasure pier is no hardship at all. What's more, it gives me a reason to visit places I've never been to before.
I've visited 28 piers to date (the start of 2017) and got pictures I am pleased with from many of them. Although I try to spend a tidal cycle at each pier, you don't always get good light or weather so another trip is needed.
Also, some piers are much easier to photograph than others. The two at Great Yarmouth are challenging and so too is Gravesend Town and Harwich Ha'penny. The challenge, of course, is why this project is fun - and there is much more of that to come. Here's a few of my pier shots so far, just to give a flavour of the project.
BeaumarisGreat Yarmouth BritanniaFelixstoweWeston Super Mare GrandCromerWorthingClacton-On-SeaSouthend-on-seaGravesend TownHerne Bay