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I read and really enjoyed Walk the lines by Mark Mason where the author walked the entire length of the London Underground (obviously overground) and passed every station.
It inspired me to do a photo project on the London. I visited every DLR station and took pictures. These could be on the train, of its users, of the trains, of the stations and the areas around the stations. The potential for pictures is huge.
I haven't set a time limit on the project, but at this point I have been to every station at least once.

Getting a good shot at some stations is easier than others - some stations are proving a real challenge (struggle!) so I am persevering.
Here is a selection of some shots I am happy with at the moment but it's not the final selection or treatment.
Custom HouseWest SilvertownEast IndiaPoplarPontoon DockLimehouseRoyal VictoriaShadwellLewisham